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Veronika Pena de la Jara

Hereford Yoga

Veronika Pena de la Jara

Hereford Yoga

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By veronikapena, Sep 22 2016 07:03PM

Life has got a bit exciting recently in yoga world as Nicole, Sarah and I are launcing Yotism this autumn. We have been training for 2 years now however we are ready to fly!

Yotism will be exhibiting at the OM Yoga Show this October, we have an article out in the Om yoga Magazine and have been invited to showcase what we do to various conferences and festivals.

It is hard to put into words how exciting this is. It is exciting because I have seen first hand the difference yoga makes to those on the spectrum. If it enhances the lives of neuro typical people, then you can imagine the great change it brings about to those suffering with a wide range of spectrum related difficulties.

I have had clients who have turned up suicidal and returned 6 weeks later to normal lives. Of course this was a special case. The lady in question saw the benefits of practicing every day immediately and together we constructed a little routine which is now done every day. Life is now back on track.

I am constantly fascinated by the ability of yoga to bring good about in the world. We have only one life that we know of and to make it count, to find happiness, to feel well are so important. Yoga brings all of this and more. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. There is a teacher out there for everyone.

By veronikapena, Sep 11 2014 01:24PM

As the years slip by, the children grow, the trees produce another round of walnuts. I am pondering the passing of time but not with a whisful eye; the present moment is good and the past 20 years life has been full of love and discovery. I do not complain.

I have not felt disatisfaction with my life since the eclipse of August 1999. I know the exact date as I was in the middle of my first Vipassana course at Dhamma Dipa, Herefordshire

Here I learnt what the present moment was in reality having heard rumours of its existance ever since I embarked on the road to self awareness and focus.

So much time has slipped by since then, so many moments that have been trully felt that now that there is nothing tangible left of them , except my children and my house and garden, it does not matter anymore.

By veronikapena, Dec 7 2011 05:04PM

For the past few days I've been wondering how to start this blog, after all I've never written like this before and as a new experience, it felt frightening.

On the drive to school a few days ago I realised that an exceptional light was illuminating the countryside as I drove by. It was that late winter light, golden get defining. The sky was a grey blue that is rarely seen without rain. It had none of the heaviness of rain, but the colour just before it turns to rain. It was astounding. Next to it all the trees and hedges were clearly defind. They jumped out of the scene with such vigour I felt excited just watching. The fields so were green, in fact eveything left that was green was as bright as a spring morning. The browns of the churned earth complimented the scene perfectly.

Witnessing this that morning I felt happy. It's not often that the world around you is so dramatic you stop your internal world for long enough to appreciate it. I took a deep breath in and absorbed that light so that as it touched me I knew I could never forget to appreciate the fact that I am human enough to observe these things, consider myself lucky, and learn something.

No time is wasted if you have your eyes open.

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