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Veronika Pena de la Jara

Hereford Yoga

Veronika Pena de la Jara

Hereford Yoga

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I have discovered that Yoga is not just a string of fancy stretches I perform on my mat, but really only begins when I leave my mat and deal with life on life’s terms. Yoga is a way of life and a way of being for many, and it has made me a far better person.


I adore teaching, my students feel like an extension of my family. While I maintain a sense of inward reflection in class, we do also have a lot of fun in our classes and we do work very hard indeed – often not moving very much at all, and often moving with the breath.


I love to layer a class so that you find your own level. The reality of yoga is that there is ALWAYS a more challenging posture, a more dynamic version. It keeps us all humble and aware that wherever you are is just perfect for you.


I look forward to warmly welcoming you at any of my classes which you can find on the class schedule. ..


I first practised yoga at the age of nine in Monmouth, thanks to my Mum who signed up

for an afternoon class to while away two hours inbetween school runs.


These days, time and tide have taken their toll, and a bit of common sense has come into play. I no longer wrap my legs around my head, but I do try to wrap my arms metaphorically speaking around my students, supporting and encouraging them to draw on their extraordinary resourcefulness to get the best out of their practice.


I have so far managed to rid myself of chronically painful sciatica, have healed a major shoulder injury, reactivated a lazy thyroid and have begun to discover that Inner Peace is a real, palpable gift available to all of us.




Dates for the Diary:


27th January - Deep Winter Retreat @ Stoke on Trent

2nd February - Half Day Retreat @ Monmouth Priory

11th February - Monthly Sangha

11th March - Monthly Sangha

17th March - Spring Full Day Yoga Retreat @ Bishopswood

23rd March - Half Day Retreat @ Monmouth Priory

8th April - Monthly Sangha

16th April 2018 - Spring Yoga Term starts - 11 weeks til Friday 29th June

13th May - Monthly Sangha

18th May - Half Day Retreat @ Monmouth Priory

10th June - Monthly Sangha

23rd June - Summer Full Day Yoga Retreat @ Bishopswood

8th July - Monthly Sangha

13th July - Half Day Retreat @ Monmouth Priory

22nd September - Autumn Full Day Yoga Retreat @ Bishopswood

16th November  - Half Day Retreat @ Monmouth Priory