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Reawaken your natural state of lightness and fluidity and inner confidence that comes from being what you truly are...

Veronika Pena de la Jara

Hereford Yoga

Veronika Pena de la Jara

Hereford Yoga

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Mondays Hereford 6pm Kashmir Yoga

                                 Hereford 7.45pm Ashtanga Yoga


Wednesdays Ross on Wye 10am Baby Yoga


Thursdays Hereford 11.30am Baby Yoga - Springfield Children's Centre

                                2pm Pregnancy Yoga - South Meadow Children's Centre

                                7pm Pregnancy Yoga - Greencroft Children's Centre


Fridays Ledbury 10.30am Baby Yoga - Ledbury Childrens Centre

                          2pm Pregnancy Yoga - Ledbury Childrens Centre

                          3.15pm After School Club - Ledbury Primary School

Hatha Yoga is an ancient technique, over 4000 years old.


Although not as well known as other styles this has mainly been

due to our perceptions of what Yoga is here in the West.

This technique is physical, but it's main emphasis is on the

approach to the body.


How aware are we as we move?

Can we feel every little change that occurs, every sensation?

How does our mind react to our movement?


These questions when answered make you connect with your

nervous systems and its' functions. This connection when

activated releases physical strains and blocks in a certain way

which is not possible in other forms of exercise. When practised

well, you will literary float out of class, feeling serene,

relaxed and later on, fully energised. All this pleasant work

will gradually build flexibility, strength, mobility and mental



Asthanga Yoga  is on the other end of the scale.


For those who find it hard to switch off this technique is perfect.

Not only does it keep you so busy you have no time to think

of anything else, getting a bit of 'time out' but also working

your body so deeply and completely that you feel so ready f

or relaxation at the end, you literaly enjoy passing out! This

type of Yoga follows a set of postures which after a while you

learn and can then use in self practice.


This is also a style of yoga that appeals to those who enjoy a

challenge and want to reclaim their body strength.


Dynamic Sun Power


Yoga for All Abilities. Classes are open to everyone.  

Amanda’s teaching style is inclusive, so you will be able to see

all “asanas”, or poses, clearly demonstrated first in their most

basic form.  You can practice for yourself, see what works for

you and try building up to the more challenging variations

when you feel ready to take your yoga a bit further.


“As an athlete I was unsure about yoga as I like to feel I’ve had a workout after exercise. This class is definitely a workout, gets you hot but also gives space for mental relaxation and stillness of mind and body. An escape from the distractions of daily life.”  BB, 50


You will hear “working towards” a lot in a sun power yoga class. This encourages you to listen to your body and respond to it rather than telling it what to do when it is not ready.  In turn, by learning to listen, we allow ours bodies to open and release, strengthen and yield in their own good time. Yoga is a journey, not a destination!



Veronika Pena de la Jara

Hereford Yoga

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Hereford Yoga

Veronika Pena de la Jara

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Veronika Pena de la Jara

Herefordshire Yoga

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